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Regarding Interest in Native American Mascots and the Morgantown High School "Mohigan"

Text Courtesy WVU Native American Studies Program

It is common to find variations of both historical and contemporary spellings of a tribe's name because such names were translated phonetically into the English language. Thus one could assume the names "Mohegan," "Mohican," and "Mohigan" (the MHS team name) are all references to the same tribe. In fact, the Mohicans and Mohegans link their origins to the Lenape (Delaware) Indians of the Northeast. The Stockbridge Munsee Mohicans' tribal website details a  complex history of displacement and removal to present-day Wisconsin from their ancestral lands in the Northeast, where the citizens of the Mohegan Tribe still live. More information on the history of these two tribes is available at the following links:

Morgantown High School history and advocates for retaining the mascot suggest the team name "Mohigan" (pronounced Moheegan, just like "Mohegan"), is a fictional term. It was apparently first used as the name of the annual yearbook, composed of the first letters in the words " Morgantown High Annual." Subsequently, "Mohigan" was adopted as the school's team name, incorporating stereotypical Native American imagery such as a large feather headdress associated not with the Eastern Woodlands tribes, but appropriated from Plains Indians traditions.

Both the Stockbridge Munsee Mohicans and the Mohegan Tribe, along with innumerable other federally-recognized tribes and Native American organizations such as the National Congress of American Indians, as well as the NAACP, NCAA, American Psychological Association, various national religious organizations such as the United Methodist Church, et al., all oppose the continuation of such Native American mascots.