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The Oneida Nation Symbol

The Oneida Nation

The Oneida Nation is a federally recognized sovereign government on a reservation located immediately west of Green Bay, Wisconsin. In 1838 the Oneida entered into a treaty which established the reservation of 65,432 acres. 

Originally, the Oneida Nation was located in upstate New York where they were one of the original five tribes of the great Iroquois Confederacy.  Oneida were joined by five other sovereigns, the Mohawk, Onondaga, Cayuga Seneca and at a later time the Tuscarora, otherwise they were all known as the Haudenosaunee or Six Nations. 

Traditionally the Oneida are a matriarchal and matrilineal society. The children follow the clan and bloodlines of their mother. The three clans of the Oneida are the Bear, Wolf and Turtle. Historically the Oneida were primarily agriculturalists and hunters. They are known for how they have planted together, corn, beans, and squash. These three plants are known as the Three Sisters. 

Oneida citizens currently number approximately 17,000 world-wide. 

The Oneida Nation is governed by a nine-member Business Committee which consists of four officers and five council members. The Oneida Business Committee is elected to three-year terms by enrolled members of the Oneida Nation who are 18 years old or older.

The Oneida Nation provides many services and benefits to their citizens such as employment, health and education, housing, police protection, land management, social services, education and youth services, schools, veterans affairs coordination, environmental and safety programs to list a few. 

The economy on the Oneida Reservation is generated through numerous enterprises as well as federal and state funds. Enterprises include Oneida Casinos, Retail division (Convenience stores with gas and tobacco sales) Bay Bank, Thornberry Creek at Oneida Golf Course and Oneida ESC. 

The Oneida Nation is a proud and progressive nation with a vision of having strong families and a strong economy and exercising their sovereignty to protect their nation.  They move forward in all they do with a good mind, a good heart and a strong fire.