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Sally Brown

“My background is in contemporary and feminist art and curating. Though I was a bit intimidated by taking on this wonderfully complex exhibition, I was also super stoked. To prepare, I participated in some training and self-education on Indigenous art, Indigenizing museums and methodology. Throughout my process, I attempted to curate with recognition of my non-Indigenous identity, with Indigenous methods of self-reflection, collaboration, non-linear narratives and an awareness of the deep colonial impact on the (my learned) mainstream understanding of Indigenous history and perspectives. It was a humbling and thrilling experience, learning so much about the rich Indigenous cultures (and with the living artists and scholars!) that I did not get through my formal education. I hope this exhibit opens others' minds as well”

Sally currently serves as Exhibits & Programs Coordinator for WVU Libraries. She graduated in May 2016 with a Master of Arts in Art History from West Virginia University. Her research examined Judy Chicago's 'The Dinner Party' from a curatorial perspective. Her other research and writing interests focus on the perspectives of women and feminist artists with attention to curatorial methods.

Sally holds a Bachelor's in Art and a Master of Public Administration, and has experience working in nonprofit arts organizations. she currently divides her time between writing, art-making and activism. As a writer, her work focuses on women in art; interviewing, reporting, examining and reviewing; and research, planning and writing for nonprofit organizations. As an artist, her work examines the dichotomy of the female figure to human relationships and perspective with special attention to motherhood and feminism. As an events organizer and activist, she curates exhibitions, helps promote and market exhibitions, and produces art events and panels specializing in art and feminist causes.