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Maryam Marne Zafar

“As a visual strategist and communicator, my observance of the graphic representations and aesthetics of diverse cultures and ethnic influences allows my design approaches to be inclusive and honest. My personal story – as one who is a “multi culti" (Native American, African American and of French/Dutch ancestry) informs and guides my appreciation and understanding of traditional symbols and contemporary iconography to present honest presentations of those heritages, values, and societies. By recognizing our differences – and also, our similarities – I look to connect each visitor to worldviews that may appear unfamiliar yet are at the heart of being American.”

Maryam is an award-winning designer, whose work encompasses print and catalog, packaging; photo shoots throughout the US, Europe and Africa as well as logo designs and brand strategies.

Since graduating from Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art & Planning, she has "made it her business" to work with non-profits, cultural organizations and small business owners. She builds connective, sustaining relationships with neighborhood groups, and complementary civic and government organizations. Her personal vision is to assist non-profits in re-defining what social responsibility is for themselves, and grow the organization to meet the needs of today’s ever-changing world.